Final program

Tuesday October 4th


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Opening and academic salutation

(Invited speaker) Gabor Vattay

Quantum criticality in biomolecules
Coffee break

Laura Sani

A GPU-based library for searching relevant sets of variables in complex systems

Riccardo Righi

New paths for the application of DCI in social sciences: theoretical issues regarding an empirical analysis

Angelo Facchini

Management Science for Complex Networks and Smart Water Grids: a case study in Italy

(Invited speaker) Olli Yli-Harja

Mathematical modeling in systems biology

Valentina Mameli

Reducing dimensionality of molecular systems: a Bayesian non-parametric approach

Luigi Di Biasi - Armando Faggiano

Modeling and exploiting molecular docking: a gamification approach
Coffee break

Marcello Budroni

Scale-free networks out of multifractal chaos

Vitoantonio Bevilacqua

Photogrammetric Meshes and 3D Points Cloud Reconstruction: A Genetic Algorithm optimization procedure

Wednesday October 5th


(Invited speaker) Nicola Segata

Computational challenges in large-scale metagenomics

Marzia Di Filippo

Constraint-based Modeling and Simulation of Cell Populations

Gianluca Roscigno

Improving Biological Data Analysis Capabilities by Exploiting Distributed Computing
Coffee break

Andrea Roli

Automatic design of boolean networks for cell differentiation

Marco Villani

Synchronization in Near-membrane Reaction Models of protocells

Alessandro Giovannelli

Model-based lead molecule design

(Invited speaker) Raffaele Giancarlo

The chromatin organization of an eukaryotic genome: sequence specific + statistical = combinational

Chiara Damiani

Linking alterations in metabolic fluxes with shifts in metabolite levels by means of kinetic modeling

Tamas Bansagi

Collective Behaviour of Enzyme-loaded microbeads
Coffee break

Thursday October 6th


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(Invited speaker) Pier Luigi Gentili

A Strategy for Face Complexity: The Development of Chemical Artificial Intelligence

Massimo Trotta

Ich bin ein phototropes Bakterium

Emiliano Altamura

Giant Lipid Vesicles designed for Light Energy Transduction
Coffee break

Fabio Mavelli

Different theoretical approaches in simulating Giant Lipid Vesicles as protocell models

Yacine Azouz

The multi-objective Stochastic Local Search for the Optimal Web Services Composition
Wivace committee meeting
Social Event

Friday October 7th


(Invited speaker) Nicola Tirelli

Hyaluronic acid in drug delivery; clear and not-so-clear facts in CD44 targeting

Iolanda De Marco

Supercritical Antisolvent Process: PVP/Nimesulide Coprecipitates

Valentina Iozzino

PLA-based nanobiocomposites with modulated biodegradation rate
Coffee break

Roberta Campardelli

Zein/luteolin coprecipitated particles production using a supercritical fluid assisted process

(Invited speaker) Paolo Netti

Building functional 3D human tissue in vitro: impact on well being and aging population

(Invited speaker) Gaetano Guerra

Graphene in 3-dimensions

Francesca D'Angelo

Current Directions in Synthetic Cell Research

Domenico D'Agostino

Scanning Probe Microscopy Investigation of ZnO and Co-doped ZnO thin films in dark and UV-light conditions
Concluding remarks

* During the poster sessions, each participant has 2 minutes to present the basic ideas of the research before to start the discussion.